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93 (Pain is the touch of our Mother teaching us how to bear and grow in...)

Nyomtatóbarát változat

93 – Pain is the touch of our Mother teaching us how to bear and grow in rapture. She has three stages of her schooling, endurance first, next equality of soul, last ecstasy.


As far as moral things are concerned, this is absolutely obvious, it is indisputable – all moral suffering moulds your character and leads you straight to ecstasy, when you know how to take it. But when it comes to the body…

It is true that doctors have said that if one can teach the body to bear pain, it becomes more and more resilient and less easily disrupted – this is a concrete result. In the case of people who know how to avoid getting completely upset as soon as they have a pain somewhere, who are able to bear it quietly, to keep their balance, it seems that the body's capacity to bear the disorder without going to pieces increases. This is a great achievement. I have asked myself this question from the purely practical, external standpoint and it seems to be like this. Inwardly, I have been told this many times – told and shown by small experiences – that the body can bear much more than we think, if no fear or anxiety is added to the pain. If we eliminate the mental factor, the body, left to itself, has neither fear nor apprehension nor anxiety about what is going to happen – no anguish – and it can bear a great deal.

The second step is when the body has decided to bear it – you see, it takes the decision to bear it: immediately, the acuteness, what is acute in the pain disappears. I am speaking absolutely materially.

And if you are calm – here, another factor comes in, the need for inner calm – if you have the inner calm, then the pain changes into an almost pleasant sensation – not “pleasant” in the ordinary sense, but an almost comfortable feeling comes. Again, I am speaking purely physically, materially.

And the last stage, when the cells have faith in the divine Presence and in the sovereign divine Will, when they have this trust that all is for the good, then ecstasy comes the cells open, like this, become luminous and ecstatic.

That makes four stages – only three are mentioned here.

The last one is probably not within everyone's reach, but the first three are quite evident – I know it is like that. The only thing that used to worry me was that it was not a purely psychological experience and that there was some wear in the body by the fact of enduring suffering. But I have asked doctors and I was told that if the body is taught to bear pain when it is very young, its capacity to endure increases so much that it can really resist disease; that is, the disease does not follow its normal course, it is arrested. That is precious.  

 10 August 1963