Volume 6 — 1965

This Agenda... is my gift to those who love me

The Mother's Agenda Volume 6 — 1965

«A whole world is opening up». It is the year when Mother reaches “the mind of the cells”, buried under the old genetic coating which seems to want to keep men forever harnessed to death: «There, there is such a concentration of power… as if you had caught the tail of the solution». Another power of consciousness in matter capable of undoing the old program: «A kind of memory being elaborated from below» — a new cellular memory, which is no longer the memory of decay, illness, death, gravity and all our “real” world?

And at the same time, at that cellular level freed from the old laws, Mother discerns «two worlds one inside the other: a world of truth and a world of falsehood, and that world of Truth is PHYSICAL; it is not up above: it’s MATERIAL. And that’s what must come to the forefront and replace the other: the true physical». Mother called that replacement the “transfer of power”.

Is it really conceivable that a marvel of physical freedom lies concealed within our cells, while we strive and toil outside with illusory panaceas: «If even a tiny aggregate of cells could experience the total transformation, all the way, that would be more effective than any big revolution. But it’s more difficult… You must overcome death! Death must cease to exist, it’s very clear».

Is the entire earth not in the process of going through this “transfer of power”, just as one day it passed from the reign of the animal to the reign of the mind? «Everything is escaping, there’s nothing left to lean on, it is the passage to the new movement… and for the old, that always creates a dangerously precarious balance».