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Volume 4 — 1963

This Agenda... is my gift to those who love me

The Mother's Agenda Volume 4 — 1963

The year of Kennedy’s assassination; the beginning of the Sino-Soviet split. While the destructive race between the superpowers intensifies and science questions the laws of the universe, Mother is slowly hewing out the path to the next species on earth. «The path I seek is ever descending», into the consciousness of the cells. Will it be global death then, or, just as the birds followed the reptiles, the beginning of a new world? «I am on the threshold of a stupendous realization, which depends on a very tiny things». She is 85 this year. Will it be more “intelligent” species within the framework of our physics, or one endowed with another kind of intelligence capable of changing the laws of physics, as the frog changes the laws of the tadpole in its fishbowl? In the course of this descent towards the cell, Mother suddenly veers into another physical universe: «Everything looks as though you were seeing it for the first time, even the motion of the earth and the stars… There is no distance, no difference, there is not something that sees and something that is seen… You become a mountain, a forest, a house… You see simultaneously thousands of miles away and up close — a kind of cellular ubiquity». And then, too, this realization: «The body is everywhere!». Is the next species ubiquitous? What happens to the laws of the old physics when the fishbowl is shattered, when distances and “elsewhere” are abolished? «All the usual rhythms have changed… a universal movement so tremendously rapid that it seems motionless… A true physical which lies behind». And where is death for one who escapes the wear and tear of time inherent to the fishbowl? «In this condition becomes a natural thing, death can no longer exist!… It would be a new phase of life on earth». And there is no need to look far for it: «The field of experience is right here, at every second… people strive to enter into contact with something that is right here». A new cellular consciousness which will be a new kind of physics and perhaps the earth’s next biology?