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108 (When he watched the actions of Janaka, even Narada...)

Nyomtatóbarát változat

108 – When he watched the actions of Janaka, even Narada the divine sage thought him a luxurious worldling and libertine. Unless thou canst see the soul, how shalt thou say that a man is free or bound?

This raises all sorts of questions. For example, how is it that Narada could not see the soul?

For me, it is very simple. Narada was a demi-god, he belonged to the overmind world and he was able to materialise himself, but these beings have no psychic. The gods do not have within them the divine spark, which is the core of the psychic, because only on earth – I am not even speaking of the material universe – only on earth did this descent of divine Love take place, which was the origin of the divine Presence in the core of Matter. And naturally, since they have no psychic being, they do not know the psychic being. Some of these beings have even wanted to take a physical body so as to have the experience of the psychic being – but not many of them.

As a rule, they did it only partially, through an emanation, not a total descent. For example, Vivekananda is said to have been an incarnation — a Vibhūti – of Shiva; but Shiva himself has clearly expressed his will to come down on earth only with the supramental world. When the earth is ready for the supramental life, he will come. And almost all these beings will manifest – they are waiting for that moment, they do not want any of the present struggle and the obscurity.

Certainly Narada was one of those who came here… In fact, it was for fun! He liked to play with circumstances. But he had no knowledge of the psychic being and that must have prevented him from recognising the psychic being where it existed.

But all these things cannot be explained; they are personal ideas and experiences; this knowledge is not objective enough to be taught. One can say nothing about a phenomenon which depends on one's personal experience and which has a value only for the person who has the experience.

What Sri Aurobindo said is based on the traditional learning of India and he spoke of what agreed with his own experience.

Csak ismételni tudom, amit ő mondott.

So to see the soul, one must know one's own soul?

Yes, to be in relation with the soul, that is, the psychic being, one must have a psychic being oneself, and only men – men who belong to the evolution, who are sons of the terrestrial creation – possess a psychic being.

None of these gods has a psychic being. It is only by coming down and uniting with the psychic being of a man that they can have one, but they have none themselves.

12 January 1965