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The Mother


Volume 6

August 25, 1965

(Mother reads a passage from “Essays on the Gita,” which she wants to publish in the next Bulletin:)

“No real peace can be till the heart of man deserves peace; the law of Vishnu cannot prevail till the debt to Rudra is paid. To turn aside then and preach to a still unevolved mankind the law of love and oneness? Teachers of the law of love and oneness there must be, for by that way must come the ultimate salvation. But not till the Time-Spirit in man is ready, can the inner and ultimate prevail over the outer and immediate reality. Christ and Buddha have come and gone, but it is Rudra who still holds the world in the hollow of his hand. And meanwhile the fierce forward labour of mankind tormented and oppressed by the powers that are profiteers of egoistic force and their servants cries for the sword of the Hero of the struggle and the word of its prophet.”

(Essays on the Gita, XIII.372)

It is the exact portrait of the situation.

Last time I said how close the thing was, and then... (gesture like a ground swell) immediately the exact opposite rises: everyone goes awry, some are sick, others are nasty, yet others are furious... oh! And everything grates and cries and... Every time that something draws near, “Ah, here it is, we have caught the thing,” immediately, vrrrm!

Very well.

We haven't paid our debt yet, as Sri Aurobindo says.

What can we do?... Go on. Be more enduring than the opposition. More enduring. Sri Aurobindo said, “Victory belongs to the most enduring.” That's obvious.

We only have to last.

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